PHASERBEAK is a local-multiplayer game set in the far future where genetically-modified birds battle for survival. Compete against your friends in a variety of game modes by running, dashing, and shooting.

Coming to PC, Mac, & Linux in Early 2018

Last Bird Standing
Shoot, dodge, reflect, and outmaneuver the competition in this game mode. Two hits and you're out!

Sumo Mode
Wrestle the competition, in a fight to be the last bird on the island. Dash into others to push them off!

Wheel of Death
This isn't your modern day merry-go-around. Avoid the lasers as they speed up over time.

Hot Potato
Pass along the hot potato to other birds before it explodes. Don't be stuck with the bomb as time runs out.

"PHASERBEAK is one the most original games in 2017."